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Simon has worked in primary schools and also has Key stage 3, GCSE, BTEC and A-level Drama and English Experience, including Head of Drama, Head of English and Head of Media Studies including vocational studies for those less academic.
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What they say about us 


"You have made a real difference to increasing literacy by stimulating the imaginations of our young people"


"The children are enjoying school more, they're enjoying literacy more, they're achieving more."


"The creative spaces are being used by all classes thoughout the school. This is a result of the way it has been modelled using it at staff CPD sessions"


"The children involved in mantle of the Expert are keen and enthusiastic. Their written work shows imagination and is of a higher standard which they are keen to show to others."


"The engagement of the children has been surprising - children that I didn't really think would be the ones to gain most from it."


"The teachers valued highly the new skills they had learnt and were impressed by the impact the project had upon them"


(comments are from external evaluation of our methods from teachers at Pipworth Primary school, Sheffield)


Simon has 17 years teaching experience in both secondary and primary settings, including PRUs. He has been Head of Drama ( see ) and head of English. Simon has provided successful CPD teacher training for more than four years.



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Our unique approach to teaching and learning has proven results. Paying lip service to Dorothy Heathcoates 'Mantle of the expert' technique,  whereby children explore the curriculum as if they were an imagined group of experts.

The children are asked to imagine themselves as a group of experts with jobs and responsibilities, participating in activities that will inspire understanding across the curriculum. With young people we co-create immersive, thematic spaces to carry out cross-curricular, inquiry based learning.  Our legacy is that we leave the creative spaces and schemes of work for other teachers/year groups to use and develop after a comprehensive CPD session.


Immersive, inquiry based, thematic approach to teaching and learning, using drama as a stimulus. This cross-curricular creative approach supports the new primary curriculum, engages pupils and stimulates imagination. It is also proven to enthuse secondary pupils, especially the disengaged.